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9 Reasons Meal Component Delivery Services Can Make Sense for You

Alex Resetar | July 31, 2019

Meal component delivery subscriptions are the latest trend. In a matter of minutes, you can sign up for a subscription online with popular companies, such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, and a box of ingredients for perfectly portioned meals will be delivered to your doorstep.

You may be asking yourself, is a meal delivery service worth the cost? If you’re simply looking at the bottom line of your budget and not factoring in any of the benefits a meal delivery service can offer, buying your own groceries and meal budgeting will always be the cheaper choice. To learn more about meal budgeting, click here.

If you’re looking for more than just saving pennies, a meal delivery service could be a smart option for you – especially if you’re short on free time. The wins of using a service are varied, and some might surprise you!

You Hate the Grocery Store

If going to the grocery store makes you cringe, a meal delivery service could be for you. If you lack the time, energy, and motivation to create a shopping list and find all the items you’ll need for your recipes, getting them sent directly to you will save you time and headache. Meal delivery food prices and grocery prices are similar because even though a meal delivery service charges you shipping or a delivery fee, their food is cheaper. The food plus the fees in the end adds up to be about the same price you’d be paying at the store yourself.

You Don’t Have Time to Research New Meal Ideas

If you simply don’t have time to research recipe ideas, this type of service is ideal for you. Each meal comes with its own step-by-step recipe card that you get to keep and add to your recipe collection. Also, delivery services save your orders so reordering your favorite meals becomes easy in the future.

You Want to Cook More at Home

If you are just looking to spend more time at home, a meal delivery service will help you do that. If you know your box is waiting on your front doorstep after work or on your day off, you’ll be less tempted to spend a night out.

You Already Spend Money by Eating Out 

If you do eat out a lot now, you’ll save with a meal delivery subscription. You won’t be tempted to order another round of drinks, an appetizer, or dessert when you’re at home.

Ordering Take-Out is Getting Old 

If you order take-out most nights, a meal subscription is a great way to change things up. You still get to stay in, but it’ll put a new twist on dinner.

You Want to Learn How to Cook 

In addition to sending step by step, easy to follow recipe cards, meal subscriptions also have online cooking tutorials for their subscribers. You can easily look up all of your cooking questions from the comfort of your own kitchen and perfect your cooking skills quickly.

You Hate Leftovers 

The one advantage of doing your own shopping is that by buying in bulk at the grocery store, you can save. But if you’re a person who hates leftovers or you don’t want to take the time to use ingredients for multiple recipes in a short amount of time, a meal service can be a great choice.

The recipes yield perfect portions for 2 or more depending on your subscription so you can easily cook for you and your significant other/friend/family and not worry about waste.

You’re Trying to Lose Weight 

Going back to the idea of perfect portions, a meal subscription delivery service could help you lose weight. Some services offer low-calorie options and Blue Apron now partners with WW (previously known as Weight Watchers) to help you create balanced meals. You’ll be less tempted to go over your calorie count for the day if a portioned meal is sent right to you instead of having to go to a grocery store or a restaurant.

You’re Tired of Your Own Recipes

If it’s worth it to you to just spice up your cooking, a meal delivery service is a great way to try new things. You won’t stress over whether or not you’ve bought the right type of onion or picked the right spice for a dish you’ve never made from scratch. And the best part is you won’t have to go from aisle to aisle or store to store looking for uncommon or unfamiliar items you’ve never purchased before.

So if you are simply looking at the bottom line, a meal subscription service is not going to be cheaper than meal prepping and keeping yourself on a strict budget at the grocery store. But if you’re looking for a healthy way to eat more meals at home, trim your restaurant bills, skip the grocery store, and learn some new recipes, a meal subscription service will be worth a try!