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Benefits Plus Back to School

Alex Resetar | July 30, 2019

Are you a parent happily tossing notebooks, pens, pencils and other various school supplies into your cart while your child sulks behind you because summer vacation is almost over?  But, when you get to the register, you’re suddenly reminded how expensive this time of year can really be.  Back to School season doesn’t have to be expensive when you use your Benefits Plus membership!

Once you receive your child’s supply list and know what other Back to School necessities are needed, head to the Benefits Plus website and get started saving.

First, buy some discounted gift cards using your Benefits Plus membership.  Benefits Plus offers a variety of gift cards for 5%-15% off!  Many of the gift cards are eGift Cards, which will be delivered to your email address instantly, the plastic gift cards will take a few days to arrive in the mail.

Once you have your gift cards, head to the online mall to spend them!  The Benefits Plus online mall works just like eBates where you’ll get cash back on your purchases through tons of retailers, all online so you can do your Back to School shopping whenever works for you.  You can use your discounted gift cards to make your purchases in the online mall, and use any discount codes, coupons or rewards programs you have.  If you want to save more money, check to see if that retailer offers in-store pickup, or free shipping!

The retailers in the online mall offer anywhere from 1% cash back, up to 14% cash back (some of the higher percentages could be a special).  Once you’ve spent enough to earn $25 cash back, you’ll receive a check in the mail-  how YOU spend that check is up to you!

Back to School season for college students gets more expensive every year.  Make sure your college bound student has all the necessities they’ll need for the upcoming year, including gift cards for pizza and care packages from Mom and Dad.  It’s also a good idea to make sure your college student has access to their own Benefits Plus membership, so they’ll be protected with Ultimate ID.

In addition to all the money saving, Benefits Plus also protects you with Ultimate ID.  This great program monitors your identity and will notify you instantly if there is an inquiry on your credit.

No matter the age of your student heading back to school, Benefits Plus can save you so much!  If you haven’t added Benefits Plus to your account, one of our employees would be happy to help you get signed up.