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Benefits Plus – SavingsXpress

Alex Resetar | September 28, 2020

We’re always sharing how Benefits Plus can save you money on so many things, from gift cards to travel and we’re excited to share their newest product, SavingsXpress!  No matter where you go, you’re eligible for over half a million discounts through SavingsXpress nationwide. 

SavingsXpress is powered by Entertainment Book, but rather than carrying the book around like in the past, you can access all of those savings right from your smart phone.  You’re able to travel around the United States and Canada with a virtual Entertainment Book for every region saving you money along the way, not taking up any space at all. 

Make sure your location services are on, or search by zip code and you’ll find a variety of discounts in your area.  From buy one get one free deals to local museums and attractions, discounts at restaurants or special deals exclusively for SavingsXpress members, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save.  Don’t forget to check SavingsXpress when you travel too and save more on vacations!

Don’t forget about UltimateID, included in your Benefits Plus membership.  Know your identity is being protected through a variety of avenues, from 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring, a score tracker, and an instant inquiry alert, along with ID fraud research, remediation and recovery services in the event that your identity does become compromised.   

SavingsXpress is included in your Benefits Plus membership, along with the travel deals, gift card discounts, local partner discounts, UltimateID and so much more for just $5.95 a month.  If you haven’t added Benefits Plus to your AmeriChoice membership, click here to find out why this great program is “better than free”.