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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy September 2019

Alex Resetar | September 26, 2019

How many times have you thought, “I learned the entire periodic table of elements in school, but had no idea how to balance a checkbook and have lost how much in overdraft fees?!”

Don’t worry, that’s where AmeriChoice can help with a FREE financial literacy presentation!  We want to make sure as many people as possible understand not only how to balance a checkbook, but the basics of their finances. 

AmeriChoice has been recognized both on the state and national levels for excellence in financial education.  Most recently, AmeriChoice was among 4 credit unions in the state to receive the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association’s Leaders in Financial Literacy Award in May 2019 and was also an honorable mention for the Des Jardins award for excellence in adult financial literacy.   

AmeriChoice has the ability to be used as a hands on learning lab at Cedar Cliff and East Pennsboro High Schools when students visit our in-school branches.  They are able to learn about their membership, have any questions answered and really understand their finances in a controlled environment.

For the schools where we don’t have an in-school branch, such as Trinity High School, Central Penn College and HACC, we’ve started presenting a financial literacy series, “Adulting 101”, which teaches students the basics.  We start off with what is an account, how to read a paystub, what account does what, credit, loans and then tie everything together.  We’re able to tailor this series to high school freshman, all the way to college seniors to put it at their level. 

If you have young students who might not be able to sit through a financial literacy presentation, we’re able to make a classroom visit to read a book about financial literacy, or even have our kids’ club mascot, Dollar Dog, make a special visit to the classrooms. 

We are extremely proud of our work with many local organizations, such as PAIRWN, Thrive House and Boy and Girl Scout troops. 

And we don’t just work with local schools and organizations.  AmeriChoice is able to present to local businesses with a Lunch and Learn for employees as a free employee benefit.  All we need to know is what topic you’d like and how many employees to expect for lunch.  We’ll take care of the rest. 

The best part about our financial literacy presentations?  We don’t do a sales pitch.  We want to give your group the best and most accurate information we can.  We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different and want to make sure that everyone is confident in the financial decisions they make. 

If you would be interested in a FREE financial literacy presentation for you, your students, organization or employees, please email our Marketing Department (marketing@americhoice.org) for more information.