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Get Smarter About Back to School

Alex Resetar | July 30, 2019

A message from Liberty Mutual Insurance

The days may be longer, but summer sure goes by quickly. It seems like the kids are just getting started running through sprinklers before it’s time to run and catch the morning school bus. If you don’t want to be caught in a back-to-school panic at the end of the summer, then start preparing a little bit earlier. Here are some ideas for making the back-to-school transition smoother:


Once the school year starts you’ll have less time on your hands, but more balls to juggle. These tips for organizing will help you run your household more efficiently and safely.

Create a centralized calendar.

Keeping all events and reminders in one place helps everyone coordinate their busy schedules. Use a calendar with large squares or create your own on a whiteboard, so you have enough space to write reminders. Assign each family member a color code to help keep everyone’s activities straight.

Designate study spots.

Make sure each child has their own spot with good lighting, comfortable seating and a flat surface to work on — away from distractions like the internet and TV.

Establish a “launch pad” for each family member.

This is a designated place for each person’s backpack, homework, briefcase — all the items you don’t have time to hunt for as you’re rushing out the door.

Make an emergency plan.

Have a family meeting to talk about how you’ll communicate in the event of an emergency. If you’re not together, Fema.gov has worksheets to help you and your children keep track of phone numbers, meeting places, medical contacts and more. Take this opportunity to also review your family’s escape plans for home emergencies, like fires and floods.


The school year often means you’ll have more passengers and cooler weather, so make sure your auto is ready for the road. Get your oil changed, have your tires rotated, replace old wiper blades and, if you live in a cold climate, put a bottle of fuel de-icer in your tank once a month. Carry jumper cables, a small shovel, a blanket, flares and flashlight for emergencies.

The golden rule? Always be prepared. See how Libery Mutual Insurance can protect your home and your auto, so that you’re ready for whatever the school year may bring.

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