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New VISA Credit Card Alerts

Alex Resetar | April 9, 2019

The AmeriChoice VISA credit cards are getting a new alert feature!

Members with an AmeriChoice VISA credit card are now able to set alert preferences within their Online Banking for anything from a transaction exceeding a specific dollar amount, if your balance exceeds a certain amount or if your cards’ being used outside of the country.

Setting up alerts on your credit card is a great way to personalize your card.  You know your finances best.  If you don’t typically make large purchases, you can set up a notification for anything over a specific dollar amount.  If you don’t travel much, set up geographical alerts.  You’ll be notified if a purchase is made outside of the state you live in, or out of the country.  If you’re someone who easily forgets the date, you can set up a payment reminder for a few days before your VISA payment is due!

To set the alerts, simply log into your Online Banking, click on “VISA” under the credit cards (a new tab will open) and then click on Alerts on the menu at the top.  You’ll then click on the “Add Alert” button.  You’re able to personalize and customize the alerts to how you use your account.  Every member with a VISA and online access will receive a notification when a new statement is available.

Alerts can be sent as an email or a text message.  Members will just need to confirm that information through their VISA profile in Online Banking.

Members are also able to set up VISA Purchase Alerts for their AmeriChoice VISA debit cards.

If you don’t have an AmeriChoice VISA and would like to apply for one, click here or call one of our Financial Service Representatives at 717-697-3474 and they can help you get started!