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Supervisory Committee Positions Available

Looking to become more involved in your Credit Union? Supervisory Committee positions are available!

Our AmeriChoice FCU Supervisory Committee is in place to meet NCUA requirements and to safeguard our membership’s interest.  What do we do?

Our Committee supports the Board of Directors in the fulfillment of its oversight responsibilities for the following:

* Integrity of financial reporting.

* Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 

* Appointment and supervision of independent auditors. 

* Performance of internal audit functions.  

* Evaluation of internal controls and operational risk management.

Our volunteer committee is appointed by the Board of Directors.  We cannot be an employee of the Credit Union, but must be a member of AmeriChoice FCU.  All Committee members shall have substantially all the following competencies: 1. Ability to understand and analyze financial statements of the Credit Union; 2. An understanding of the application of generally accepted accounting principles with respect to such financial statements, especially with respect to estimates, accruals and reserves; 3. Experience in reviewing and assessing risk management processes and internal controls; and 4. an understanding of supervisory committee functions.

Our main work is in performing quarterly reviews, attending Board Meetings on a rotational schedule, holding quarterly meetings and other items as might be required by the Board of Directors or Management.  We also contract outside audit firms for assistance in completing the more complex reviews.  Our work is important, but does not require that much time overall.   

We are here to help our membership but need your help also.  We’re looking for “new blood” to join our committee as we do not currently have a full staff.   If, after reading this information, you might want to consider our committee, please contact Ray Staub at buats07@gmail.com.  He will respond to your concerns and work with you to determine what would be needed to move forward.  So, if your resume includes financial or audit experience please be in touch – we need your help.

Ray Staub

AmeriChoice FCU Supervisory Committee Chairperson.