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Credit Card


Alex Resetar | September 23, 2021

A VISA credit card is one great thing you can keep in your wallet, but a VISA from AmeriChoice is probably the best card to keep.  From being accepted worldwide to the small coffee shop where you stop weekly for a cold brew and cookie on a Friday, you can pay using a card that you know AmeriChoice will have your back.

An AmeriChoice VISA is a great that card comes with so many great benefits.   Whether it’s your first credit card, you’re looking to build or repair credit or it’s the card you use for everything.  We offer great low rates, two different cards, no annual fee and so much more.

Choosing between our two cards couldn’t be easier.  Our Platinum card is great for those first time credit card users, with a low limit and lower rate and is a pretty basic, no frills card, but offers the convenience of VISA.

Our Platinum Preferred card is the card you’ll want if you’re someone who uses your VISA to pay for everything. You can earn points on every eligible purchase with Score Card Rewards, and points are now transferable to other cardholders or accounts within the same institution*.  And, purchases can be easily “erased” through Redeem2Erase and redeem points at checkout at select stores throughout the country with Premium Payback.

Redeem2Erase can be accessed through your Score Card Rewards and allows you to “erase” purchases that you’ve made using the points you’ve earned.  Purchases from $20 up to $1,000 can be “erased” using 100 points for every dollar (example, erasing a $20 purchase will use 2,000 points).  If you choose to erase purchases, it could take up to two billing cycles to be reflected on your statement.

Both VISA cards come with access to two additional free programs through VISA.  First, you’ll be able to use VISA Purchase Alerts, a program from VISA that allows users to set up customized alerts that will notify you when your card is used.  Simply set up an account and you set up your notifications, via text, email or both to let you know if your card has been used online, in person, internationally, over a certain limit or a charge has been declined.  And the second is VISA Click to Pay (formally, VISA Checkout), which works like PayPal.  You just need to set up an account and then you’re setup to check out on websites that accept VISA Click to Pay.

In early 2020, our VISA cards became contactless as that technology rolled out across the country.  There are many places that now take contactless cards in the United States and around the world.  Don’t worry about your card being compromised, there are many security measures in place to prevent that, and your card needs to be within 2 inches of a card reader for the contactless feature to be used.

And don’t forget, if your card is lost or stolen, you can count on VISA to help.  They’ll remove the charges you didn’t make and get you set up with a new card quickly.

Another great convenience of an AmeriChoice VISA is paying your bill.  Members can simply transfer funds in Online or Mobile Banking each month and you can see your full statement when you log into Online Banking.

We could go on and on about how great our VISA credit card is, but the best way to find out is to actually have the card!  Applying for an AmeriChoice VISA is quick and easy on our website, or you can reach out to one of our Financial Service Representatives at 717-697-3474 for more information.

* Points gifting allow cardholders that bank with the same institution to transfer points between their accounts.

Please note:

  • Once gifted, points cannot be gifted to another account.
  • Once points have been gifted, no refunds are permitted.
  • Transfer will be reflected under your transactions within 2 to 3 business days.
  • Email confirmation will be sent to both the “gifter” and “giftee”, and the transaction will display on both accounts under the transaction history.