Family Fun Extravaganza 2021

Drop-In to be Part of the Fun for Family Fun Extravaganza 2021!

While we still aren’t quite ready for large gatherings with kids, we can’t wait to see everyone at the branch for this year’s Family Fun Extravaganza! Even though we won’t be hosting a crowd, we will have fun things for everyone to do when you stop by to pick up your 2021 Family Fun Kits.

If you have never been to our event in the past, the event is meant to be a fun filled day for families to enjoy activities and snacks at no cost, and is geared for families with children 13 and under.

How does it work?

  • As of July 9th, we are currently on a WAITLIST for kits. If you would like to sign up, we can add your name to the waitlist and will let you know by Monday, July 26th if a kit is available for pickup at a local branch.
  • Shirt sizes are also very limited as of July 9th. We are out of youth sizes, along with adult 3x and 4x. We will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee preferred sizes.
  • Sign up below for your free “Fun at Home Kit.”
  • Choose between visiting the Bumble Bee Hollow location on July 17th from 9:00 AM- Noon, or picking up your kit from your local branch between July 19-25.
  • 100 kits are available on a first come, first serve basis, and registration closes on July 2! So don’t delay.
  • Kits not collected within 2-days of scheduled pickup will forfeit kits to families on the wait list.
  • When you register, you will also be signing up for a time slot to come by and visit.
  • After you complete the request form, you will receive an email confirming your pick-up time.
  • On July 18, start sharing pics and videos of your family fun on the AmeriChoice social media channels for chances to win fabulous prizes!

Stop by Bumble Bee Hollow on July 17th for snow cones, popcorn, face painting, balloon animals, games and more. There will also be sepcial appearances by Dollar Dog himself!

This is a great opportunity to open new accounts as well, with initial deposit matches for both new Dollar Dog Kids Club Accounts and Checking with E-Statements for adults.

Mom getting gift for mother's day

What’s included?

Every Fun at Home Kit comes complete with everything you need to participate in this year’s Family Fun events.

Dizzy Bat Relay Race

Items needed: Bat and Ball, adult size clothing and accessories

How to play: Split into two teams. Designate a starting point and place a pair of adult bottoms, top, dress, hat, scarf (or any other fun clothing items you would like) at the end point for each team. The batter places their forehead on one end of the bat and the other end of the bat on the ground and spins around 7 times. The batter will run to the end point and put the adult clothes on and finish by getting back to the starter spot. If there is more than one player per team only the last player will have to put the clothing on to finish. The player or team to successfully finish the race first is the winner.  

Pass the Bucket

Items needed:  a bucket of water, timer, music that can be started and paused (optional)

How to play:  Opponents fill the bucket up with water and dish detergent.  This is a twist on Hot Potato so all participating members will line up in a circle.  Designate a starter and set a timer (or play your favorite song).  Start to pass the bucket in a circle, and whomever is left holding the bucket when the timer goes off/song ends has to dump it on their head.  Repeat this until there is only one dry person left and crown them the winner!

Three Legged Race

Items needed: inflatable beach ball

How to play:  Contestants blow up a beach ball and pair off into teams. Instead of being tied together, the object is to keep a beach ball between teammates and move without dropping it.  Pick a finish line and start the timer.  Add an additional level of difficulty- spray the ball with water, cooking spray or soap to make it slippery.  Fastest time wins! For a one on one competition, place the ball between your legs and race to the finish line.

Chalk Art Wipeout

Items needed: Box of chalk, filled water balloons

How to play: Each team takes time to create a chalk art masterpiece of a similar size. Once the masterpieces are finished, take a photo of the masterpieces for a chance at a prize and then the real fun begins. Fill up an equal amount of water balloons for each team and have them stand at the same distance opposite the other teams masterpiece. The teams then throw the water balloons at the other masterpiece with the goal of wiping out the other teams masterpiece first. If you run out of balloons before they are completely wiped out, the team who wipes out the most of the other team’s masterpiece is the winner!

Thanks for Your Registrations!

Our official registration period has closed, but if you missed out, please email to be added to the waitlist.