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New Home Owner

You are finally ready to make your dream of home ownership a reality! We can make it happen with mortgage pre-approvals and special programs designed for first-time home buyers. Discover AmeriChoice home loan products for aspiring home owners!

Congratulations! It’s quite the accomplishment to be financially ready to become a home owner. This is an exciting time but can be overwhelming to navigate. Let us make it simple with guidance from our in-house experts and our specialized home loan products.

Home Savers First Time Home Buyer Program

Saving for a mortgage can be challenging. We’re making it easier with our Home Savers Program. The first step is for us to take a look at your finances together. We then come up with a customized saving plan for you so that you can accomplish the goal of owning a home.


Whether a fixed-rate first mortgage or an adjustable-rate mortgage is right for you, we have a variety of options for every type of home buyer! Our hands-on mortgage experts process loans in-house. That means low fees, no-cost pre-approvals, and the ability to ask as many questions as you need!

Check out our FREE First Time Home Buyers Guide here!

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Upgrading Home Owner

Are you taking advantage of the equity in your current home with home equity loans or lines of credit? Or maybe you have outgrown your current home and want to get pre-approved for a larger home. Whatever your situation, AmeriChoice has home loan products that are ideal for existing home owners!

Whether you are hoping to leverage the equity in your current home, or you are ready to buy your next home – these home loan products are for you.

Home Equity Loan

Fixed rate home equity loans allow you to borrow up to 85% of your home’s equity to support your financial dreams. Start a home improvement project, pay for higher education costs, and even consolidate high-interest debt. These loans are close-ended, meaning you borrow a set amount of money and then pay it back on a fixed interest rate within a certain period of time.

Our favorite features:

  • Multiple term lengths available
  • Fixed, competitive interest rates
  • Eligible product for Member Rewards

Home Equity Line of Credit

A line of credit gives you flexible access to funds based on the equity you have in your home. You can use the line of credit for home upgrades, medical emergencies, college tuition, and more. When the initial loan period is up, apply for a renewal to keep leveraging your home’s equity.

Our favorite features:

  • Borrow up to 80% of your home’s equity on your credit line
  • Competitive, variable interest rates
  • Draw periods up to five years
  • Eligible product for Member Rewards

Our mortgage loans are handled in-house by our hands-on mortgage experts! Whether you need a conventional first mortgage, an adjustable-rate mortgage, a new construction mortgage, or you need to refinance your current mortgage – we have an option for you.


AmeriChoice mortgages feature low fees and no-cost pre-approvals! Visit our specialized online mortgage center today!

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Down Sizing Home Owner

If you are nearing retirement and don’t want to bring your mortgage payment into the next phase of your life – you might be ready for a downgrade. We have unique products that help downgrading home owners achieve financial freedom in the next stage of their life!

Be mortgage free in time for retirement! We can help you downgrade into a more affordable home, or even refinance your current mortgage to pay off your home faster. Check out our unique product offerings for the downgrading home owner.

Home Stretch Final Mortgage

It’s time to prepare for your retirement.  Shrink the term of your current mortgage and pay off your current home within the next 5-10 years with our final mortgage.  Lower your interest rate with minimal closing costs and glide into the Home Stretch with savings.

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Multiple terms up to 15 years available
  • Low fixed rate
  • Borrow up to 85% of your home’s equity
  • Eligible product for Member Rewards

Looking to move? We have the mortgage to help you do it. Our in-house loans offer low fees, no-cost pre-approvals, and flexible terms so you can get the loan that works best for you. Make your last move your easiest move with an AmeriChoice mortgage!


Visit our specialized online mortgage center today!

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Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking for a home to retire in, this guide will help you gain a stronger understanding of the ins-and-outs of the home buying process.

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