Easy Monthly Budget Template


Experts agree that creating a budget is the most important step to taking control of your personal finances, but less than a third of U.S. households are regularly using a budget to manage their money. Regardless of where you are at financially, creating a budget should be at the top of your to-do list if you have any future financial goals.

Budgeting allows you to track your monthly income and expenses to help you discover where your money goes each time you bring home a paycheck. Use our monthly budget template to:

  • Track your household’s monthly income and expenses
  • See what areas you are over-spending in and where you can cut back to save money
  • Show what expenses you are currently prioritizing and whether those priorities need to change
  • Provide a guideline to how you can meet your future savings goals
  • Decrease financial stress by actively working to improve your spending and savings habits
  • Build in money that you can spend guilt-free each month on wants instead of just needs

Creating your personal budget is not only a smart financial move, but is incredibly easy to do with our free template! Whether your goal is to save up enough money to buy a home, or simply cut back on extraneous spending, a monthly budget should be the first step to reach those goals.

Simply download our FREE Monthly Budget Template today and to take the first step towards your goals by tracking your finances with ease.