AmeriChoice Mobile Just Got Better

Along with a fresh new look, some of your favorite online banking features will now be available on the app, including:

  • Account to Account transfers
  • FOCUS personal financial management tool
  • Enhanced Bill Pay
  • Apply for new loans and shares within the app


Why are we getting a new app?

We have worked hard with our team to utilize member suggestions to make the best possible digital experience for our members. Along with a fresh new look, some of your favorite online banking features will now be available on the app, including Account to Account transfers, FOCUS personal financial management tool and biometrics for logging in.

When will the app update?

We are planning for the new app to be released on January 28th.

Will the app automatically update, or do I have to search for the new app in the app store?

For most people who already have the app, the update will be automatic.  However, if automatic updates have been disabled on the mobile device, it will be necessary to manually request the update.

Will the iPhone and Android updates be on the same day?

Both the Android and iPhone versions of the app will be released at the same time.  However, the actual timing of when a mobile device installs the update depends on when it checks for updates.  Most devices with automatic updates enabled should install the update within a day or two of its release.

What happens if my phone does not update to the new app?

If your phone does not automatically install the update, check if automatic updates are enabled on the device.  If automatic updates are not enabled, you will need to go the Play Store or App Store and manually update your device to the new version of the AmeriChoice Mobile app.

What happens if automatic updates are not enabled, and I do not request the update to be installed?

The new AmeriChoice mobile app has been completely rebuilt, and is not compatible with the previous version.  The previous version will continue to work for a short time after the new version is released, but will no longer be supported after that.  Once support for the old version ends, it will no longer work, and will display a message that the update must be installed to continue to access AmeriChoice mobile banking.

Do I need to do anything new to access the app, or can I use my current credentials to log in to the new app?

For all current users of AmeriChoice Mobile Banking or Online Banking the login credentials will not change.

What is completely new on the new app?

  • New and refreshed look and feel.
  • Touch ID/ Face ID for iOS and Fingerprint access with Android
  • Skip A Pay
  • Apply for a loan/Open a new share
  • Secure email
  • A2A or other institution transfers.
  • Check Images
  • Focus personal financial management tool
  • Ability to create a new user account with mobile only.  No need for a PC.
  • Ability to reset your password if you forgot it.

Are there any major changes specifically involving mobile deposit?

  • When members view history they will see the checks in one of three statuses.
    • Pending – This has yet to process
    • Submitted – Check has processed, there will be holds on it
    • Cancelled – This check was rejected for some reason, usually due to incorrect endorsement
  • The process is also a little different now.  The member will need to take a picture of the check (by tapping the screen) and then place it into a valid share. 

Will there be any major differences between the Android app and the iPhone app?

The iPhone and Android versions should be virtually identical from the standpoint of user experience.

If I have never used the current mobile app and want to use the new app, how to I initially access it (after downloading it)?

After downloading, simply launch the app and follow the instructions to set up your login.  If you already have a login for Online Banking, the User ID and Password for Mobile will be the same as for Online.