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Is Your Computer At Risk? Test Your Browser Today!

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Shopping. Banking. Researching. Finding Directions.

These are just a few of the common tasks people perform online. You have probably done all of these things at some point, whether it has been in the last week, or the last day.

At AmeriChoice, we want you to have the best possible experience online, but the browser you’re using could be limiting that potential. There are many problems with old browsers because they are less stable and more vulnerable to security risks such as viruses, spyware, malware, and many other issues. Those are obviously big problems to be concerned about, so security alone is a very good reason to update your browser, but there is also much more to it than that.

Old browsers are slow and more likely to crash. Every web page that loads in a browser must perform a number of different tasks, including loading different files, which includes images, programming scripts, and other resources that help to improve the look and functionality of the site you are visiting. Old browsers do not perform these tasks with the same speed as new browsers and can make your web experience considerably slow, sometimes causing your browser to crash or freeze.

Old browsers cannot display many new websites, as their capabilities are very limited. New browsers support new web technologies that serve as a foundation for many websites today. Unfortunately, many of these new websites will neither look nor function in the same way in old browsers.

 In short, why do I need to update my browser?

Newer browsers protect you better against scams, viruses, trojans, phishing and other threats. They also fix security holes in your current browser!

Every new browser generation improves speed

Websites using new technology will be displayed accurately

Comfort & better experience
With new features, extensions and better customizability, you will have a more comfortable web-experience

Whichever browser you choose, we recommend that you check to be sure you are using the most up to date version, for your safety, security, and ease of use. Click below to quickly and easily test and upgrade your browser!

Click Here to Update Your Browser